Images from the Soul; the longing for, the endless searching, spanning multiple lifespans and ultimately finding and unbearably losing of my Eternal Beloved Twin Flame. And my adventures in Spirit there after.. True Love surpasses everything, even death...

uit 1996 tot 2019 (klik op de afbeelding om het werk groter te bekijken)
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Birth of the Twin Flame


The birth of the Twin Flame; the splitting of the Eternal Soul in the male and the female half. This as an reflection of the Father/Mother/God.

Flower Child


The lotus flower one of the most commonly used symbols throughout the history. It's a symbol of rebirth since it rises from murky darkness to the light and turns into a beautiful flower with pink, white or golden petals much like a human being born from nothing and turning into something complete and beautiful, a process of coming into existence, the expansion of one’s soul and spiritual enlightenment.

Flower Power


The female part of the Soul takes on a female body. Then as a child discovering the world, trying not to step in the darkness, but to stay dancing in the light. Her hair is tied in Celtic fashion.

Flower Heart


The male part of the Soul takes on a male body. My Other Half starts his journey, resting in his own heart, since he has no one around him to nurture him.

Amanita Muscaria


I call out to my Beloved Twin; 'Where are you?' I miss you, let me know where you are so I can find you.." I send out my love as a beacon, as a radio, hoping he will hear me..

High Priestess of Isis


I have a vision; I will meet my Beloved Twin Flame very soon, in exactly 7 days! Heaven's light is brought down to me, to make me understand my path, it will be very difficult for me, it will be a Life's Test..

My Heart's Image


Even as a little girl I know what my Twin Flame looks like; I have an image of him in my heart. His eyes are blue like the summer sky, his hair pure, flowing gold, and his pupils hold the universe. I have an image of him in my heart.

Love's shining Light


My Beloved sees me from afar. Times suddenly slows down, everythings starts to move in slow-motion, like under water and a bright beam of light appears to shine down on me. This is how he recognizes ME

Twin Flame Love


We have finally found each other!! My Eternal Beloved Twin Flame, we are One, there is no beginning, no end. We can never be parted again. I love you, allways, unconditionally, for ever..

Magical Mystery Woods


At a magical full moon night in the woods, we take each other's hand and the path instantly illuminates! Darkness fades from our touching hands..

Robin Hood


Like Robin Hood with his never missing bow, my Beloved protects me and keeps me safe from harm. I can relax for the first time in my life, knowing someone has my back.

Black Elk


This is Black Elk, the holy man and healer of a Native American Indian Tribe

Morgana and king Arthur


Like Morgana I am reminded of my vision that my Beloved will pass away young. I see it in his reflection. The windowsil reads; Arthurus Rex Quondam Rexque Futuris, which is Latin for; Arthur, the once and future King.



My Beloved sings for me and awakens my Elfin Soul, so magic can happen. The harp has 20 strings and is a Druide harp of Healing; it unites Heaven and Earth with it's sweet sound.



My Beloved discovers his Elfin soul through mirroring me. The flute playing symbolises his magical power; his ability to awaken my True Self. The flute is a symbol of the Divine Masculine, as a phallic shape. Together we are the mirror of God and Goddess.



We make love, fly on wings of ecstase for hours, but our bodies are just lying on the floor, next to each other, not touching. This is lovemaking in the Soul..

The Dance of Life


Everytime we are together we feel the presence of God. Just simply being in each other's company, looking in each other's eyes connects us to God's Heart..

Totem Cats


 Totem Animals; my cats;  Hara, Little Bear and Per, together with my Twin Flame we are a happy little family. My animal instinct is at ease and loved..

Old Fear Rears it's Ugly Head


Love brings up and pushes outwards everything that is NOT love.. Because we are safe in each others love, fears of the past rear their ugly head. Do we have the courage to face them together??



The female gives the Sword of Truth to be wielded by a just man. The sword is a symbol of the intellect, symbolising positive thoughts. I stand by my Beloved through his trials and fear and guide him to safety with my love..

Inner King


My Beloved finds his Inner King, his inner strentgh and offers me his sword of Truth as a symbol of his masculinity and protection. We each vow in our hearts to always tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This will set us free..

Love Flowering


My body opens like the fragile petals of a flower, under his warm, inviting love, shining on me like the sun. I am safe in his arms, surrounded by his gentle love. I am safe in his heart.

Will You Be Mine Forever?


"My Beloved, I wish to be with you for ever. Will you be my wife, so we can discover and love eachother eternally?" "Yes!"

Hiri and Jana


We laugh, play, tease each other and have endless fun together! His humour makes me laugh so much everyday, I am a willing audience and this makes him happy. He loves to be loved, and I love to love him. We are in Love, just as much as the day we met. Love flows freely from one to the other and back, endless..

Wizard of the Light


My Beloved has true magical powers. Our love gives him the trust and foundation to be his ultimate Divine Self. One enchanted night he moves his hands in geometric shapes and blue light bursts out of his hand. I can see it and am blown away in awe..

What God hath joined let no man put asunder


A forest is the place where vegetable life thrives, free from any cultivation. And since its foliage obscures the light of the sun, it is therefore regarded as opposed to the sun’s power and as a symbol of the earth. In Druid mythology, the forest was given to the sun in marriage. Here the newlyweds are lost in the forest and come upon a signpost which only reads gibberish like; here, there, back again, and heaven is pointing downwards. Is heaven here? And can you be lost when what you truly desire is holding your hand; your beloved...
The forest is also a mysterious place; in legends and fairy tales, they're usually inhabited by mysterious creatures, here two forest gnomes are visible wondering what these humans are doing in their habitat.

When the male and female come together the link with God is made


We marry for God and men's eyes; the marriage of the heart. We choose each other, unconditionally, for ever..



My Beloved falls ill, it is fatal. He is in unbearable pain and I am helpless, I take care of him, nurse and love him, but I cannot take this pain away. Please, give the pain to me, not to my Beloved!!..

When the Light Calls


When the Light calls, we all have to answer and go back Home.  

Le morte d'Harald


My Beloved takes his last breath and his heart beats for the very last time. He dies in my arms. I see his spirit rise up; out of the top of his head, it goes up, like a wisp of smoke. He floats up  towards Heaven..



The battle is done, the war is over, Rest in Peace, my Love, my Beloved. From now on my life is cold, forever shrouded in darkness. I die with you.



My Beloved crosses the bridge to Heaven; there is no turning back anymore. Go, my Love, be free, but please, take me with you..? Please, don't leave me behind.. I don't want to be here, all alone..

Help me, for I am tumbling into Emptiness


I am angry at my heart, it keeps on beating, although it's broken, and I am torn in half. I wish it would just stop. The world makes no sense anymore; why does it keep on turning? It should come to a screeching halt, no more sunsrises, the world must end..

Desert of Destitute


My Love, where are you? I can't find you. I can't hear you. Are you safe? Are you with God? I can't find God either, only a statue of Him in this world, but it feels empty, like simply a cold, empty statue, devoid of life..

Eye of the Storm


I have an out of body experience; I find my Beloved on his Judgement Day and I am allowed to stand by his side, so he doesn't have to face it alone and be afraid. I can witness his life viewing and hold his hand.

Mermaid's Longing


I look back at our life together, our Love, and I feel lonely and out of place, I don't belong here on earth; I had a little peek of heaven and I long to be there with him..

Purple clouds


Purple clouds against a blackened sky. Frightening close they look at me, they look like you. Do you remember who I am? How we used to laugh together? Am I hearing his voice? Singing to me? But I cannot see him..



I am here. Where are you? Why aren't you here with me? I'm so cold and lonely, I don't belong here.. I keep searching for my Beloved, the pain is just to great, the void is too large, I cannot take it..

My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?


I collapse and weep for hours on end. It is all too much, too unbearable. Crying doesn't make me feel better, it is an endless river of  solitude. I fall down on my knees and cry until I can cry no more. I scream to God; "Help me, please! Where are You? Did you abandon me as well??? Where are You? I need You now!!"

The Alpha and The Omega


Through my closed eyes I see a bright, white light, I open my eyes and the light fills the room. I hear a voice saying; "My Child, I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am here, with you." "Oh my God, You have not abondoned me, as I feared, thank you!! I need You so much.." I felt loved and held, cradled in huge hands. My heart stills..

Angel Wings


Finally I feel God, I feel myself cradled and protected in His Hands. Healing begins, very slowly, babysteps. I am not alone, left behind in the dark, as I thought; that was just my fear. I am still loved, broken heart and all..



I have another out of body experience; I am pulled out of my head by four, invisible hands, they take me up to Heaven. I find my Beloved there, sitting under a tree with a friend who passed away before him. I am able to sit with them for a while and listen to my bleoved's voice, calming me, a balsam for my aching soul..

Breaking Through The Veil


My Beloved really visits me, right here on earth!! He breaks throught the veil of death, our Love is so strong, it unites us, even now; almost we touch, almost.. I can see him, hear him, talk with him, feel his love, but I may not touch him physically..



I am so happy to have one more out of body experience; I am taken to Heaven; I see the house of my Beloved, I can stand by the door at the entrance and look inside, but I can't go in; the vibration is too high for me there. I am happy that he is in such a beautiful place with amazing nature and shining Light everywhere.

Guardian Angel


Always in meditation I find my Beloved Twin Flame right here, standing behind me, protecting me, he is now my Guardian Angel, he never left me, not really. Although his physical body died, his spirit is still with me, loving me eternally..



Another Out of body experience; I find my Beloved in 'Summerland', he is happy and looks so healthy! He is shining and radiating love. When I ask him how he is doing he says; "Everything that was gray, is now in colour.."



Lita makes herself know to me; Lita la Chat is the Princess of the Cat People. Here on earth they show themselves as cats, the sensitive people among us can see their wings, while on their homeplanet they are people with feline features. It feels like a portal is opened, a Star Gate..



I have my final out of body experience; I am taken at high speed, all across the Universe, I see planets and stars and nebulas shooting by until I come to a sudden stop. I see a curtain of shiny fabric, lifted with a hand. Behind it I see grass, a river and a throne. There sits God. He tells me that I am a brave Soul and I sit down by his Feet and smile, I feel Loved, again, finally..

You know who I am..


'Why am I still all alone? It hurts.' 'Beloved, here I am. You are not alone, I am here, I love you, now and forever..'

Be guided by the Spirit of the Plains


I am Aurora; I am Beloved. I connect Heaven and Earth, with my head in the clouds and my feet firmly on the ground I connect the two dimensions.

Heroic Warrior


This a SeaShepherd Hero. He protects the whales and dolphins. The symbols above his head are their flag, an old Pirate's flag, somewhat altered. He looks anguished because he sees and feels the pain of the slaughtered whales and dolphins, it hurts him to his core.   Dit is een SeaShepherd Held. Hij beschermt de walvissen en dolfijnen. De symbolen boven zijn hoofd zijn hun vlag, een Piratenvlag met wat aanpassingen. Hij ziet erg gepijnigd uit omdat hij de pijn voelt van de geslachtte walvissen en dolfijnen. Deze pijn dringt door tot in zijn kern.  

Isis and Horus


I follow Goddess Isis in her footsteps; these paintings are my Lovechild, begotten from my dead husband. Death shall have no dominion.



The Lunar High Priestess and Hara, her familiar

Quantum Matrix


When I'm finished here on earth, and I am finally allowed to release my last breath, with a sigh, I go Home to my Beloved Twin Flame. We wiil be together for all Eternity then, having earned our Love through suffering, loss, pain and unending, undying LOVE. We will live together in God's Heart, our love true, Divine Love.. The other orbs are all Twin Flames; re-united in everlasting rapture..