And death shall have no dominion.

Dead men naked they shall be one
With the man in the wind and the west moon;
When their bones are picked clean and the clean bones gone,
They shall have stars at elbow and foot;
Though they go mad they shall be sane,
Though they sink through the sea they shall rise again
Though lovers be lost love shall not;
And death shall have no dominion.
Dylan Thomas

Twin Flame Love;

‘When language was not transcendental enough to complete the meaning of a revelation, symbols were relied upon for heavenly teaching, and familiar images, chosen from the known, were made to mirror the unknown truth.’  Hunt

My professional artist name is Aurora; the Goddess of Light, of Dawn after the darkness of night. Goddess Aurora shines her Light and drives away the darkness, both internal and external. She is the bringer of dawn and the giver of light to mankind. She inspires new beginnings. This encompasses what I wish to realize with my work; to shed light unto darkness, to enlighten the unknowing, and to conquer evil with love, so a new dawn of peace and love may begin for all.

When Harald passed away, I was utterly devastated with heart wrenching grief. My mental suffering, mourning and sense of loss were so colossal, so massive I fell apart. My misery was never-ending torture. I thought I would go screaming mad. I literally felt myself slipping into a big, black, gaping despondency, so immeasurable, bleak and unbounded, I felt insanity would be a relief. I did, at length, talk with my friends and loved ones, but every conversation left me wanting. Words just fell short, so terribly short. They were so unbearably insufficient, that I had to find another way of expressing myself. I needed to let my feelings out or be swallowed up whole by them. Images just sprung to life in my head, flooding my mind. They were the literal representations of my devastating feelings, overwhelming emotions and heart wrenching memories. These imageries emerged naturally. All my jumbled, overwhelming feelings translated themselves into images. So, I found painting.

First merely as a release. It freed some of the building pressure, so my active, burning volcano of grief would not erupt and destroy my sanity. I would simply copy what I saw so clearly in my head. This way I could genuinely let the feelings flow; originating in my heart and head, then flowing down into my shoulder, down along my arm and out through my hand and brush and into the canvas. Then I could look at it; it mirrored, represented and reflected, instead of overwhelm, overpower and devastate me. And by always, literally, taking a step back throughout the painting process, I factually created some distance between me and my outpour of feelings. This way my grief did not kill me. My art became a refuge, a sanctuary, where I can pour out my heart and sit and breathe for a while. 

All my art works are oil on canvas. The images are in the tradition of magical realism with lots of symbolism and the traditional techniques of the masters of old. It is a direction in art in which an attempt is made to connect this reality to a higher reality, so hallucinatory images or dream effects occur. When I sorted out my work, I felt that the paintings’ content is linked. When I hung them together an immediate resonance sounded between them. Thus, so together they are quite different than when you see them individually or in small groups. Together they are a symphony; they tell my life story in pictures, color and emotion. They display our complete love story in all aspects. And even beyond that; they are universal and tell the love story of humanity at large, in the same way Fairytales do.

Amor vincit omnia

Two full moons ago

Two full moons ago I made a silent vow 
I would try the best I could
To treasure what you're giving me
By showing me the way
So don't be afraid when your darkest hour comes
'Cause I will be there to guide you to your light
Don't be afraid when the shadows come to haunt you
'Cause I will be there to stand there at your side
You know to me it's hard to see
That someone really cares
But you guide me to my centre
Where I've got so much love to share
So don't be afraid when your darkest hour comes
'Cause I will be there to guide you to your light
Don't be afraid when the shadows come to haunt you
'Cause I will be there to stand there at your side
I hope you can imagine
Just how much you mean to me
And I hope that you can see
I love the love you're giving me
Harald Oden (My Eternal Beloved Twin Flame)


True Angels leave early